The Future of Cryptocurrency

The untapped potential of blockchain technology is about to revolutionize the world indefinitely. Despite rapid expansion of the industry, cryptocurrency remains an unfamiliar topic for most people.

In 2017, global cryptocurrency markets peaked at a cap of $700 billion USD. The revolution is officially upon us.

Polis is forging a powerful course with a unique mission: to empower people.

What are the main benefits of cryptocurrencies?

1. Elimination of Intermediaries

Blockchain technology allows for immediate transfer of value between two people, without the need for a third party. With blockchain technology, decentralized verification through thousands of nodes ensures that transactions are legitimate and adhere to network protocols.

2. Global Application

Cryptocurrencies are useful all over the world. They are resilient to the changing tides of politics and economies. Blockchains allow anyone to access a decentralized store of value that can be effortlessly transferred digitally from across the globe. Cryptocurrency empowers people to independently perform commerce.

3. Transparency

Blockchain applications are inherently transparent due to several mechanics. All transactions are recorded on a permanent and shared ledger that anyone can access. Various protocols ensure seamless transfer of value between parties and eliminate the possibility of double-spend attacks.

4. Anti-counterfeit

Virtual currencies are fundamentally impossible to counterfeit as they represent programmatically unique solutions to complex algorithms. When one party has acquired possession of a block reward, it is signed and certified in the blockchain, allowing the reward to be traded or stored locally.

5. Growth Potential

Cryptocurrency is a developing field of research that is destined to impact all aspects of daily life. As real world applications and use cases scale, cryptocurrency will allow for fast, reliable and economical transactions in consumer and industrial applications.,

Benefits of Polis

1. Two-Tier Masternode System

Polis's powerful masternode network adds a second tier of computing decentralization. This tier can perform any mathematical tasks that the community implements. Currently, the masternode network adds two features: InstantSend (perform instantaneous transactions) and PrivateSend (improved privacy with automated mixing and chaining).

2. Decentralized Governance

Allows community members to control the future and direction of Polis. Concepts that Bitcoin struggles with, such as block size increases, can be solved by the Polis community through voting on proposal changes, which can be submitted by any member of the community.

3. Treasury Proposals

Treasury proposals can further the Polis mission by funding charitable donations, community assistance programs or any idea that the community proposes.

Thank you for being a member of the Polis community. 

- The Polis Development Team