20 September 2021

Bridges Announcement

Hello Polis Community! We hope you are as excited as we are…
15 September 2021

Announcing the 13th Polis AMA

With our migration to our new own blockchain and all the new…
13 September 2021

Olympus and Polis Chain FAQs

With the switch to our own blockchain and the Olympus network, some…
2 September 2021

Getting Started With Polis 3.0

We are live! It is finally here, starting September 1st, 2021 the…
24 August 2021

Olympus Launch Date

As announced last week, we are releasing some details about the launch…
24 August 2021

Polis 3.0 Back to Basics

If you have followed this project closely, you might have noticed our…
Weekly Updates
25 July 2021

Polis Project Weekly Updates 07/15 to 07/21

Polis Protocol. Index Funds and Vaults. The DAO team has decided to…
Weekly Updates
16 July 2021

Polis Project Weekly Updates 07/01 to 07/14

Polis Protocol. Future development. As we wrote in our last weekly, we…
Weekly Updates
29 June 2021

Polis Project Weekly Updates (06/24 to 06/30)

Polis Core. Future development. Since we migrated Polis to the Binance Smart…
Weekly Updates
18 June 2021

Polis Project Weekly Updates (06/09 to 06/15)

Polis Core. Development. The accompanying development team Kindynos, just shared the exciting…
Weekly Updates
10 June 2021

Polis Project Weekly Updates (06/02 to 06/08)

Polis Core. Website Launch. With the launching of our new brand we…
4 June 2021

Insurance Protected Vaults

Introduction We have all heard about it, have someone in our circle…