Migrating Your Polis into BSC

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Hello Polis Community, the DAO Technology Team has put up this guide so you can successfully migrate to the Binance Smart Chain.

Setting Up Metamask

All methods require you to start by downloading and setting up your Metamask wallet. It is available for Microsft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave Browser.

If you own a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet we encourage you to watch Hans’ Youtube Videos explaining how to add cold storage to Metamask. For setting a wallet with a mnemonic phrase, follow the steps shown below.

You will create a wallet, add a connection to the Binance Smart Chain and add Polis as a token.

  1. Go to the download section on the Official Website.
  2. Set up your wallet. If you are a PolisPay user, we suggest you import a 12-word mnemonic phrase created on the app.
  3. You should see your wallet on the home screen.

Metamask does not support the Binance Smart Chain by default, so there’s an extra configuration we need to set.

Select the dropdown that says Ethereum Mainnet in your Metamask Wallet. You will see a list of networks available. Click on the one that says Custom RPC at the bottom.

A small form will open, add this information to add support for the Binance Smart Chain. Only the fields in bold are needed as shown, you can replace the rest of them if you know what you are doing.

After hitting the save button, your wallet will display Binance Smart Chain on the top dropdown and the BNB token will be added to your wallet. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a button that says ADD TOKENand you need to select the CUSTOM TOKEN tab.

Paste the following value into the Token Contract Address, the other two fields should be autogenerated and you’ll be able to hit Next. And there you have it, Polis on the BSC chain!

Polis Contract Address: 0xb5bEa8a26D587CF665f2d78f077CcA3C7f6341BD

Video guides and tutrials.

  1. Install metamask (add BSC) with a trezor:
  2. Install metamask (add BSC) with a ledger:
  3. Install metamask (add BSC) without a hardware wallet and example of migrating POLIS coins:

Migrating from Exchanges

The team contacted all of our current exchanges to develop migration strategies and see whether they will continue to support the project after the migration.

We are glad to announce that Southxchange and StakeCube will support the swap, and the project moving forward. If you have funds on these exchanges, they will migrate the coins for you. You may experience some service downtime for Polis while they migrate, but other than that you should not worry.

Unfortunately, the following exchanges will not be able to support the swap, so they have already started delisting the coin, blocking deposits, and advising users to withdraw funds before March 19th.

  • Whitebit
  • Birake
  • Crex24
  • Uniswap
  • Blockdex

Any funds left in these exchanges after the chain is stopped are not guaranteed to be recovered, and users will have to go through the exchange’s support system in order to recover the funds.

We thank all of the exchanges that have supported the project in the past, and we hope to work with them again in the future!


You need to open a support ticket and provide a Polis address to which to would like to withdraw your remaining funds. Your hosting will be terminated, so we recommend taking the necessary precautions. You can provide an address generated directly by the bridge if you wish to.

After March 20th, 2021, you will need to write a support ticket to recover your unclaimed balance, this process will be a little slower but you will receive your coins in 24–48 hrs.

As for your masternode collateral, you will be able to migrate it from the PolisCore or the Masternode Tool as described in the sections below.

Migrating your Coins before the Chain is Stopped

Migrating your coins is easy if you do it before block 812,00 around March 20th, 2021. It is impossible to calculate with certainty what time will that be, but the closer we get to the block, the more accurate the prediction will be. So adjust your migration properly.

Before block 812,00 you can send your coins from any service, exchange, or wallet directly to the address generated by the BSC Bridge, and receive your POLIS on BSC on your Metamask wallet.

To migrate perform the following steps.

  1. Head to the Official Polis BSC Bridge.
  2. Click on the Connect to Metamask button.
  3. Click on Get BSC Polis. And Continue.
  4. An address starting with 0x will be displayed. Make sure it matches the Metamask account that you want to use at this point. If it doesn’t, change to the wallet you want to use and refresh the page.
  5. Click on the Generate Address button and a Polis Address beginning with P will appear.
  6. Send from any exchange, staking pool, or wallet the funds to the address beginning with P, and you will receive POLIS on your Metamask wallet in a short time. Note: In the first days the bridge will be a little slow, so wait up to a couple of hours.

If you have any questions or trouble receiving your Polis over BSC, please open a support ticket either on Discord or on our web platform. The team will be happy to help you make a successful migration.

Migrating your Coins after the Chain is Stopped

This is recommended mainly for stakers, as staking on the new chain won’t begin until March 20th, 2021.

The migration will involve you signing every single address you have funds at, so it is recommended to perform this from the Polis Core Wallet, and that you take the necessary steps to reduce your number of inputs before block 812,000.

This section will be updated to show the steps required to sign a message from the Polis Core Wallet and the Trezor Masternode Tool, as well as importing your PolisPay wallet into a PolisCore Wallet.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How long will it take for my coins to arrive:
    Currently the bridge is in beta and swap are manually verified. Please have some patience while an admin verifies the swaps.
  2. What is the contract address:
  3. Where do I swap my POLIS to BSC:
  4. Contract monitoring: 
  5. Burgerswap BNB-Polis Liquidity:
  6. Pancakeswap Liquidity:
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