New Website and Branding for Polis and the Polis Protocol

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Website Launch.

We’ve launched our new website and started our rebranding process 2 days ago. With our new website, we have once again created a kind of business card and contact point for new interested parties who want to learn more about Polis, the governance and the products, such as the farm, the vaults, the upcoming index funds and last but not least our beloved Polispay wallet app. We look at our new website as something like the Polis hub, where you are able to find all informations about our products and services we’ve built as well as the upcoming ones and how to make use of them.

In future we will publish all our news, weekly updates and articles on our website to share them from there across all our communication channels. This will increase the user experience for interested parties and investors enormously becasue they don’t have to visit different websites and platforms to have an overview of what Polis and the Polis Protocol is and what we are working on or if they want to use our services and products.

This step was also very important for the project, as it allows us to become active again in the area of business development and partnerships to grow our entire ecosystem. Website Screenshot

New Branding.

Beside the launch of our new website, we have also started with our rebranding process for the Polis brand. This hasn’t been done without a reason and we would like to briefly discuss it here and explain this step further.

Polis is a crypto project with specific organizational features and perks such as charity and care for people. That is why we have chosen a trending “IT” modern design with the inclination for amiability, warmness and caring for people.

Usually crypto sites have the following message to a user: “We are advanced. The future has come. Look how technological we are.” There is nothing wrong in this approach, but there is too much of it around us right now.

The first page of the website has a warm color palette with a “digital” background, modern fonts and clear non-overloaded composition.

We decided to change the colors to a warm color palette because it reflects amiability, openness of the project, charity. The problem of the cold colors is the one that it is already a cliché for the websites for IT themes. In our case it is better not to follow a “template”, but to show our uniqueness via different visual triggers, namely the basic (background) color.

That made it clear for us that there is a good reason why Binance, Metamask, Swipe, Pancakeswap, Burgerswap and a lot more of these well known projects in this space use these warm colors for their branding.

We hope we could clarify some questions from our community about the new branding and colors which were chosen with this small blog article.

It has always been exciting to see the participation from our community, that is why we want to provide a way for you to access them directly and specifically, depending the department you wish to approach.

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or proposals don’t hesitate to ask on our forum or write us an email.

DAO Technology Manager.
Luis Correa — [email protected]

DAO Marketing Manager.
Maria Sidorova — [email protected]

DAO Adoption Manager.
Hans Looman — [email protected]

DAO Communication Manager.
Marc Rapf — [email protected]

DAO Business Manager.
Andreas Meyer — [email protected]

From everyone in our team we would like to sincerely thank you for your constant support.

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