Polis 3.0 Back to Basics

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If you have followed this project closely, you might have noticed our incessant drive to innovate and serve our community by solving day to day problems in a simple and practical way.

That was our main goal when we migrated to Binance Smart Chain this year in March, thanks to which, the project has expanded greatly as the number of use cases increased when successfully integrated to the DeFi world. Said expansion brought vast enlightenment to our team, giving our community a broader spectrum of possibilities which now become the milestones helping us reintegrate our original vision: “Creating an easy to use network for faster cryptocurrency payment transactions on goods and services”.

Being part of the BSC has paved way into the expansion we are about to pursue.

Upcoming Changes.

Polis is currently a Binance Smart Chain BEP20 token that supports staking through a contract providing new coins to liquidity users in PancakeSwap. Remaining faithful to our original vision of becoming the best electronic payment method available, we believe it is time for our project to evolve into an all-new Polis environment which will be created on a Blockchain called Polis Chain, this new Blockchain will have two networks: Olympus (mainnet) and Sparta (testnet).

The current Polis BSC ecosystem will continue to exist with some minor changes.

  • Polis will still be supported on this network, alongside the new protocol. Users will be able to freely transfer coins in and out of BSC and Olympus chains at any point in time by using a bridge.
  • Our token will keep supplying new coins to PancakeSwap liquidity providers on Binance Smart Chain, now in a simpler process as vaults, staking and treasury will be removed.
  • The project’s, maximum supply will be maintained at 25,000,000 Polis.

This expansion of our ecosystem is planned to be released on September the first will be achieved through the harmonic integration of the following new elements in the Polis environment.

Polis Environment Elements.

Polis Chain.

This Blockchain will use a consensus system called POSDAO, where its users can create validators (100,000 POLIS as a minimum requirement) to produce blocks within the network to receive emission rewards from new coins plus transaction fees of every block.

And for users that do not meet the minimum requirements, there is an option to delegate coins to the validator of their choosing to receive a proportional part of that validator’s rewards.

Cross-Chain Bridges.

In order for Polis Chain Environment to work, it is important to attract liquidity from other networks, this is why there will be two main bridges:

  • BSC — Olympus: To bridge Polis from BSC to Olympus and back.
  • DAI (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) — Olympus: To bring liquidity in the shape of stablecoins, this bridge will connect Olympus with Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, making it possible to move DAI between them.

Bridges will be created through a series of pre-audited contracts, currently being used in other networks.

The exchange is possible thanks to a network of bridge validators that approve transaction execution through a multi-signature process performed in both chains of the tokens of interest.

In conclusion.

The new Polis Ecosystem will allow Polis to become an asset best used to facilitate electronic payments on a scale that would not be attainable in BSC, with HadeSwap being a key element of this strategy, incentivizing crypto users to provide liquidity and stake their assets inside the DEX. Although advantages and improvements are aplenty, this new ecosystem will remain compatible with the tools our holders have grown accustomed to, without losing its all new fresh flexibility we want to accomplish so Polis holders in BSC can continue using DeFi protocols.

Polis Ecosystem keeps expanding as we remain faithful to our statement given when migrating to BSC about the future being cross-chain. We stand by those words and put them into action with this improvement plan which we are sure it will elevate the core value of our project.

Throughout this journey we have taken many risks, knowing change is not easy, specially when creating never seen before scenarios. It takes courage to reinvent, to create, and even more courage to try something completely different.

We get our strength from our community, the same community that has stood with us through thick and thin, with patience and an eagerness to learn about every new project we bring your way, it is with the support we have from this community that we build our confidence to always take things one step ahead.

Having faith that our community is as brave and always willing to try new things, we ask you to join us in this journey by being part of the testnet, so together we can presence evolution.

Although we are confident that every change we bring is for the better, none of it would be possible without the courage built from your support.

To everyone out there, thanks for the trust.

The Polis Team.

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