Polis 3.0 – Update #1

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Migrating to Olympus Network

Since we’ve started the Polis Chain / Olympus Network people can choose to have their Polis on BSC or on our own Smart Chain. A lot of people asked in the past few weeks how the migration and/or bridge is working. For this reason our beloved DAO manager Hans recorded a short video clip to explain how you make use of the bridge and how to migrate your Polis from BSC to our Olympus Network.

Watch the whole tutorial here:

Find the Polis Bridge here:

Polis Bridge

Read our Polis Bridge documentation here:

Polis Bridge

Validators and Delegated Staking

As you can see in our blockexplorer, with the start of the third epoch the race for the validators is on and people start fighting to get selected as one of the 19 rewarded validators on the Polis Chain / Olympus Network.


You can check and see the validators live on our block explorer here:

Olympus Staking DApp – BlockScout

The first two epochs with POSDAO enabled ended this saturday, this gave us the opportunity to gather info on the tests we did on mainnet and testnet.

Development Roadmap

We are aware of our slight delay for Hadeswap and because we know you are waiting for the announced DEX on our the Polis Chain, we want to give you a short update.

The development team is waiting for a third party provider to integrate the stable coin bridge service. We expect it to be ready in the coming week and after that the development team will start with the integration.

Polis Blockslasher Game

After all the various changes our project has gone through, it is finally time for the release of a new game!

To celebrate the fact that our validators are producing our own blocks again, how about slashing some blocks yourself to get a high-score? Anyone with a Metamask wallet connected to Olympus with at least 1 Polis in it can participate. Playing is free. Your wallet address will be anonymously linked to your score, if you are in the top 10 of high scores by midnight November 30, you will win a prize!

  • 1st place: 400 Polis
  • 2nd place: 250 Polis
  • 3rd place: 100 Polis
  • 4th – 10th place: 50 Polis

We will link new high scores to automatically post in the , so you can see what score to beat! The link to the game will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for some fun!

Governance & Proposals

Since we moved our homebase from BSC to the Olympus Network the old BSC based Governance system isn’t valid anymore. Instead of using our on-chain governance on BSC we’ve decided to change the system to an off-chain solution. We’re using the snapshot platform for governance and proposals in future. Some of you may now it already from other projects. This move will save you a lot of fees for voting, and we believe it is a simpler platform to use, allowing our community to become more involved.

Check the new Governance system here:


Along with the new system Hans again prepared a small video to explain the platform and how you make use of the snapshot platform if you want to set up a proposal.

Watch the governance and proposal tutorial here:

Community Management and Outreach.

In case you missed it, we’ve had our 13th AMA at the end of last month (September). The DAO managers explained their decision to move Polis to its own Chain again and why they revived the idea of the Olympus Network.

Watch the full AMA session here on our Youtube channel:

We have been receiving many questions and comments directed to our managers!

It has been exciting to see the participation from our community, that is why we want to provide a way for you to access them directly and specifically, depending the department you wish to approach.

DAO Technology Manager. Luis Correa — [email protected]

DAO Marketing Manager. Maria Sidorova — [email protected]

DAO Adoption Manager. Hans Looman— [email protected]

DAO Community Manager. Marc Rapf — [email protected]

DAO Business Manager. Andreas Meyer — [email protected]

From everyone in our team we would like to sincerely thank you for your constant support.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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