Polis Project Weekly Updates (03/11 to 03/16)

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Polis Core.


You can now follow us on Blockfolio Signal! Track your portfolio and get blockfolio signal updates from Polis and many more projects.

Read all about it here:

Polis Migration.

We would like to remind you that migration from Polis to the Binance Smart Chain is happening soon.

Our chain is moving a bit slower than anticipated and it looks like we’ll reach block 812.000 on 03/21/2021. Therefore, please withdraw your coin balance from masternode or staking services and various exchanges (incl. Whitebit, Birake, Uniswap, Crex24, Blockdex) until March 19th and migrate on time.

The recently swapped coins from migration will be used to stabilize the network because they are being used for staking while the migration process runs to prevent any attacks to our chain and granting a smooth transition to Binance Smart Chain. The funds used for this will not be taken by the team, they will be moved to the community treasury fund after the migration is over and can be used for community proposals then.

About Pancake Swap.

Pancake Swap may had been a victim of DNS Hijacking.

We want to clarify that it had only been the website of Pancake swap which was compromised and had nothing to do with the Binance Smart Chain!

Never enter your private key or seed phrase on any website or platform.

Polis Pay.

We have more new Gift Cards available!

This month we still bring you the new Gift Cards available for Canada!

This week it was the turn for:

Tir Nan OG.


The Ultimate Dining Card.

Stay tuned for the next ones.

New Update.

Our developers are getting an update ready, to support Polis in BSC chain, as well as the Binance coin.

This release is planned for March 19th.

Polis Nodes.

You know there’s always room for change, that is why we continue to evolve here as well.

So, we wanted to remind you:

From now on, http://platform.polisnodes.io will no longer be supported as the main page, but http://polisnodes.io will be.

Community Management and Outreach.

DAO Management.

We have been receiving many questions and comments directed to our managers!

It has been exciting to see the participation from our community, that is why we want to provide a way for you to access them directly and specifically, depending the department you wish to approach.

DAO Technology Manager.
Luis Correa — [email protected]

DAO Marketing Manager.
Maria Sidorova — [email protected]

DAO Adoption Manager.
Frank Servedio — [email protected]

DAO Community Manager.
Marc Rapf — [email protected]

DAO Business Manager.
Andreas Meyer — [email protected]

From everyone in our team we would like to sincerely thank you for your constant support.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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