Polis Project Weekly Updates (04/15 to 04/22)

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Polis Core.

New Governance is live.

Last week we’ve released the governance system for Polis and the team has transferred the contract ownership of the treasury funds and protocol parameters over to the community.

This is a huge step for the Polis Protocol as it further decentralizes the protocol through the governance and will allow for more community engagement that will translate into great ideas and projects that will benefit the whole Polis Ecosystem.

Read everything here:

Along with the release of our governance system the first proposals from our community members are coming in and are discussed on our forum.

The whole community is invited to discuss, give their feedback and publish their proposal ideas here:


DAO Funds.

49.01% of DAO Funds (100k POLIS) have been moved to the Staking Contract from the Multisig Address. This will allow the DAO to create proposals, and support community member proposals.

Transaction approved by the Business, Technology and Community Managers. (3/5)

99.9k POLIS turned into DRACHMAS


0.1k POLIS turned into DRACHMAS


Audit Report.

We’ve received the complete results of our smart contract Audit from Red4Sec today. We are proud to say that our developers did a good job and our smart contracts have passed the Audit process.

You can read the full Audit report here:

Polis stats.

We are aware of the issue that Coinmarketcap isn’t showing all our data correctly and is outdated since we migrated to BSC. We have contacted them already but our experience from the past has shown us that it could take up to 3 months to get everything fixed on their site.

For this reason, we recommend making use of the stats on Coingecko, they’ve already updated all the details and added all our markets to monitor the price and trading volume of Polis.

PCS Polis/BNB LP changes.

With today’s news from Pancakeswap about changing their smart contracts and their coming release of V2 we expect to have a small change on our POLIS/BNB LP at Pancakeswap. This will not be a big deal but we’ll have to remove our recent liquidity pool and to deploy a new one.

We’re getting ready for PancakeSwap V2. To do that, we’re going to transfer (“migrate”) two of our current smart contracts to new, upgraded contracts.

Put simply, we’re creating a new set of LP Tokens, and our farms and exchange will start supporting the new type instead of the old ones.

This means for our users that they need to unstake their LP tokens at some point and send them to another new contract as soon as it is live. That isn’t a Polis related issue because every project which has created this kind of pools will have to update to the new version of PCS smart contracts.

We will inform you about the further steps as soon as possible.

You can read more about that here on the PCS blog:


BSC/Metamask issues.

You might have taken notice about it but some of our users had some issues with their Metamask and transactions on Binance Smart Chain. The reason behind this is the RPC URL which you have to enter manually when setting up your Metamask wallet for the BSC.

Most people put the same RPC URL in to their config and that leds to an overload. If you run in to such an issue try to set up your Metamask with an alternative RPC URL:.



Polispay App.

Update v8.10.0

Our partners at PolisPay informed the PolisPay community of a delay on BSC BEP20 token purchasing of Gift Cards because this week the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has experienced some network-wide instability.

A version v8.10.0 of the wallet will be launched next week to address some of the problems users have been experiencing with BEP20 tokens.

Kindynos, with the mission of providing the best possible user experience within its services will address this issues and provide a new launch date as soon as the platform is ready.

Community Management and Outreach.

Marketing Survey Results.

As promised, we bring you the results of our February survey which aimed to improve Polis strategy in social media.

Thanks to everyone who participated: you help the project keep growing and succeed by supplying us with this needed data!

You can see all the results in our article here:

Click to get to the Marketing Survey Results

AMAs and Public Events.

You may already know our monthly AMAs from the past but now we want to expand this and we will give our community the chance to interact more with the team.

For this reason we decided to make an additional public voice meeting every second wednesday on our Discord. The community will be able to ask questions in the chat and the Team will answer them live!

Save the Dates:

If you have any questions for the AMA on next weeks Wednesday you can write them in our forum where we have a category for the AMA questions.

You can find it here:
Questions for the upcoming AMA on 28th April 2021 at 7:00 p.m. UTCHello Polis Community! Please ask your questions for the next Ask Me Anything as a reply under this topic. We’ll…forum.polispay.org

DAO Management.

We have been receiving many questions and comments directed to our managers!

It has been exciting to see the participation from our community, that is why we want to provide a way for you to access them directly and specifically, depending the department you wish to approach.

DAO Technology Manager.
Luis Correa — [email protected]

DAO Marketing Manager.
Maria Sidorova — [email protected]

DAO Adoption Manager.
Frank Servedio — [email protected]

DAO Community Manager.
Marc Rapf — [email protected]

DAO Business Manager.
Andreas Meyer — [email protected]

From everyone in our team we would like to sincerely thank you for your constant support.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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