Polis Project Weekly Updates (11/25 to 12/01)

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Polis Core.

Activation of the spork was successful.

We have released a hotfix wallet 1.6.7a:

  • Add invalid state to blocks including txs not following the fee policy —
  • Fix invalid sporks.dat

Use this wallet if :

  • You are staking with your wallet.
  • Your wallet closes on opening (corrupt sporks.dat).

This release is non-mandatory and required only for stakers or non opening wallets.

Download the latest wallet here :Release v1.6.7a · polispay/polisYou can’t perform that action at this time. You signed in with another tab or window. You signed out in another tab or…github.com

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We are pleased to announce that the wPolis Defi bridge has been launched.

Details :

  • You can find the bridge here: https://defi.polispay.org/
  • The fee to make a swap is 5 polis regardless of the amount you swap.
  • After you make a swap it takes around 20 minutes to receive your wPolis.
  • The wPolis address on the ETH network is : 0x622f2962ae78e8686ecc1e30cf2f9a6e5ac35626
  • You can add liquidity on uniswap using this link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/ETH/0x622f2962AE78e8686EcC1E30cF2f9a6e5aC35626 (You need the same amount of ETH and wPolis)
  • You need the metamask wallet to use the defi bridge (install link on the polispay defi page). You can use your same mnemonic as on polispay, or you can create a new one.
  • wPolis is also listed Polispay, however you can not buy giftcards or use shift with wPolis, this can only be used to view your balance.
  • We are working on getting some farms to reward people that add liquidity to the ETH — wPolis pair.
  • To swap Polis on uniswap visit here https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap, select ETH and for the other coin you paste the wPolis address.
  • We are also working on making this process as simple as possible and will provide guide and video.
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We are closing in on the Olympus public testnet release.

In order to make the last preparations for the release we will be shutting down the Olympus closed testnet tomorrow 27/11.

The Olympus public testnet will be launched for everyone next week.

We are excited to let you know that the Olympus GUI wallet will also be released next week for you to experiment with.

Polis Pay.

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We are happy to announce and bring you the new 8.7.1 release on the PolisPay app, this is the best version yet!

With the same awesome features as last update, plus a fix on some of the issues related to Polis and the blockchain transaction fees.

Download it here:Download – PolisPay WalletPolisPay Wallet – Exchange cryptocurrencies, store them in a secure way using your hardware wallet, buy gift cards and…polispay.com

Taco Polis is now available for everyone!

If you created the wallet before December 1st, 2020 you may have to re add the coin to your wallet.

Polis Nodes.

You know there’s always room for change, that is why we continue to evolve here as well.

So, we wanted to remind you:

From now on, http://platform.polisnodes.io will no longer be supported as the main page, but http://polisnodes.io will be.

Community Management and Outreach.

As you might have noticed Bronepoezdec has stepped down from the DAO-marketing position due to personal reasons.

We want to thank him for the services he provided and the nice times we had together.

Given this recent event we have a vacant position as a new DAO-marketing manager. Should you be interested in this position you can contact any of the current DAO managers or anyone from the core team. After the initial interview we can proceed to reviewing your plan and present it to the community for a public vote.

Looking forward to your application!

Our good friend Sylvain has done it again!

As a big supporter of our project, he created a video on YouTube to get in detail about many Polis things.

In this video, he goes over some of the latest Updates in the Polis Ecosystem. Olympus Protocol, Polispay Wallet & ZERO Fee Gift Cards.

Watch it here:


DAO Management.

We have been receiving many questions and comments directed to our managers!

It has been exciting to see the participation from our community, that is why we want to provide a way for you to access them directly and specifically, depending the department you wish to approach.

DAO Technology Manager.
Luis Correa — [email protected]

DAO Adoption Manager.
Frank Servedio — [email protected]

DAO Community Manager.
Ricardo Bustos — [email protected]

DAO Business Manager.
Andreas Meyer — [email protected]

From everyone in our team we would like to sincerely thank you for your constant support.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Let us remind you that you can follow us on the following Social Media Networks:

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