Polis Weekly Update - Week 01/2022

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Happy New(s) Year.

With the first Polis update in 2022 we want to wish all of you a happy new year!

Along with the new year we’ve planned to inform our community and investors on a more frequent basis about the development and the growth of the Polis ecosystem, what means the Polis Weekly Update is back. Woohouu! This means you can expect a lot of news and project updates in 2022. 

With the HadesSwap launch and our new partnership with MCN.ventures, there will be a lot of dApps looking to migrate on our Olympus network (Polis Chain Mainnet).

Polis and MCN Ventures Partnership

As part of the collaboration, four new projects are set to be deployed by MCN Ventures on Polis Chain in the next few weeks. These include decentralized stablecoins — Xdollar and MinMax— farming ecosystem MCN Multiple, and a third-party bridge for Polis Chain.

Speaking about the collaboration, Andreas Meyer, Business DAO Manager commented,

“For our project, it is the first time that we will work together with a venture fund. The special thing is that MCN is completely decentralized and has a huge network in the DeFi space. This brings us many new opportunities to grow our Polis Chain for 2022. We are looking forward to this collaboration and the future new projects on our chain.”

Bill the Investor, a general partner of MCN Ventures also commented,

“The partnership between MCN and Polis will help Polis to build its defi projects fast and greatly enhance the MCN ecosystem.”

AMA Summary.

Surely you have seen our last AMA, but we want to write down a short summary here, so that even those who have not seen it, can get an idea of the things that were discussed there and what the team has already planned for 2022.

Our end of the year AMA started with an overview and a recap of everything what happened in the past few months since Polis has launched its Olympus Network, the Polis Chain Mainnet. This included the deployment of our Olympus Mainnet and the Sparta Testnet, Cross-Chain interoperability, 6.5 million Polis coins locked in staking and a current coin supply of 15 million Polis coins. Another great track record were the 8.5 million USD volume traded on the Polis Chain and the 9 proposals created by the community and the team.

Polis Chain Overview

Other huge milestones we were able to achieve were our own BSC/Olympus Bridge for Polis and the Meter.io Passport Bridge for all the featured Assets on Olympus, integration of the Gnosis Multi Signature Wallet Vault Platform, the launch of the first automated market making DEX HadesSwap with its Soul incentive Token, the Snapshot Space Governance, the partnership with 0xtracker to support DeFi Aggregators, the Blockexplorer and the Staking dApp. Beside all this the team managed to maintenance the Yieldfarms for Polis as Binance Smart Chain Token.

Polis Chain 2021 Recap

Later in this AMA the team talked about our new partnership with MCN Ventures and the plans for 2022. 

The team is working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes to build a solid foundation for the project and to make it more attractive for other developers to deploy their dApps and to build on the Polis Chain like Oracles, CEX and DEX listings, new dApss and projects, new website and connections to other DeFi projects and developers to grow the ecosystem for our Polis Chain.

Another topic were the DAO funds, the treasury and the spendings on marketing acitivites. Because we don’t have to hide anything and we all are here to live transparency we have published the remaining funds from the DAO, Agora Treasury and the LP we provide to the BSC pool. Please visit our #transparency channel on our Discord for detailed insights about the transactions and spending of the DAO.

DAO, Agora Treasury and LP Funds

With our marketing efforts and spendings in November and December 2021 we were able to gain a lot attention, new followers and new investors. We’ve spent around 30k USD on different marketing activites with a great success. For deeper dive to our marketing activities and press release take a look at our last few published updates in 2021.

Marketing Acitivities, Results and Costs

In case you missed our last AMA and you still want to watch it, just watch it here:

Polis End Of The Year AMA 2021 Recording

Forgotten Polis on BSC Farms and Core Wallets.

Unfortunately we had to realize that some of our investors and community members seem to be not up to date with the project and have a not inconsiderable amount of Polis in deactivated staking and old LP contracts on the Polis BSC farm. These will not be rewarded for a long time (sometimes for months).

We would like to remind and encourage these users to remove their polis from the old contracts and add them to the current pool on BSC or migrate them to the Olympus network for staking and liquidity providing on Polis Chain.

Deprecated Pools on BSC:

  • POLIS Staking — 668,783 POLIS ($325,445)
  • BNB/POLIS LP (V2) — 197 LP ($6501)
  • BNB/POLIS LP (V1) — 14 LP ($449)

You can find the Farming on BSC on here: https://farms.polispay.org/farm

The same applies to coins on old core wallets. Also here a lot of Polis have not been migrated and we would like to ask everyone to check their wallets and migrate them with the help of our support team.

Migrating 2 Olympus.

In case you’ve missed the migration from Binance Smart Chain to Olympus or even from Polis Core you are still able to migrate your Polis coins (Core) or Tokens (BSC) to our own Polis Smart Chain the so called Olympus Network.

How to migrate Polis from BSC or Polis Core

To migrate from BSC to Olympus please use the bridge at bridge.polis.tech.

To migrate from Polis Core please contact our support on Discord. The old bridge from Polis Core to BSC will be phased out.

Whats Next for Polis Chain and the Polis Ecosystem.

What’s next for Polis

We are always looking for and working on to grow the Polis ecosystem in different ways and for this reason you can be sure that we will keep the pace from the last 3 months in 2022 too. We are working hard day by day to grow the entire ecosystem of Polis and the Polis Chain and we are already preparing some stuff for you ladies and gentlemen out there. As you could read above we have lots of plans and ideas but we are still getting our foundation in shape to make the Polis Chain competible and resistant for future challenges.

The Polis DAO tech department and the HadesSwap team are working hard and tireless to build new products and features for our Chain and Community.

Polis Tech Roadmap

Polis Shop
We are happy to announce that the open beta for the new Polis Shop service that will go live on January 27th.

The Polis Shop will allow you to purchase gift cards from a wide selection using your Polis on Olympus Network. The app will be very easy to use, and features support for your Metamask wallet.

Polispay Shop (Sneak Peak)

The Beta for the service will focus on Polis as the main asset for payments, but the service will continue to evolve to accept any token on Olympus, and even other EVM compatible networks. We want Polis technology to bring together the DeFi and Dapp universes from multiple chains.

This platform will provide an exciting use case for our Olympus powered Polis, and many tokens built on top of our chain, as well as becoming a beacon for new users that want to spend their crypto without limits.

The team is also preparing a roadmap for this new service that will focus on bringing interesting rewards on purchases made through the platform, making the Polis Shop the best place to spend your crypto.

Hades Swap Launchpad
The team behind Hades Swap has announced recently that they are working on a platform that will allow third party tokens and projects to be easily launched on the Polis Chain.

HadesSwap Launchpad

This platform will be integrated into the Hades Swap application, and aims to increase the amount of projects, users and platforms that feature the Polis Chain as their home.

The platform is expected to be released in March, and more information will roll out in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

Community Management and Outreach.

We have been receiving many questions and comments directed to our managers!

It has been exciting to see the participation from our community, that is why we want to provide a way for you to access them directly and specifically, depending the department you wish to approach.

DAO Technology Manager.
Luis Correa — [email protected]

DAO Marketing Manager.
Maria Sidorova — [email protected]

DAO Adoption Manager.
Hans Looman — [email protected]

DAO Community Manager.
Marc Rapf — [email protected]

DAO Business Manager.
Andreas Meyer — [email protected]

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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