Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Polis and member of the Board of Directors, Ares has years of experience managing socially oriented companies. He has worked internationally as an advisor to different organizations. Ares has been President of non-profit organizations focused on education and technology. He is dedicated to the Polis mission: to create humanitarian impact through cryptocurrency. Also, Ares has vast experience in the implementation of total quality systems. His leadership skills and administrative experience make him well equipped to lead Polis into the future.


Chief Technology Officer

Cronos is the original creator of Polis. As CTO and Board of Directors member, Cronos uses his passion for technology and cryptocurrency to lead Polis technical development. He is an expert in multiple programming languages and digital economies. Cronos became involved in cryptocurrency in 2011 and instantly understood the potential of this emerging technological field. In 2017, Cronos and the Polis Development team created Polis to empower people. He currently leads Polis research and development to create new protocol including the upcoming Metropolis.


Chief Business Officer

Apollo is a Chief Business Officer and Board of Directors member. He earned a Masters in Business Management and has served as Director of various companies. Apollo has experience as a corporate lawyer and has founded his own non-profit civil association. An entrepreneur at heart, Apollo has directed a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. He has a wide resume including real estate development and building a business empire in the communications industry.


Chief Business Officer

Poseidon is a Chief Business Officer and Board of Directors member. He has generated rapid business growth as a General Director at numerous service companies. Poseidon has co-founded companies in the technology, services and humanity sectors. He has also taught as an international lecturer and worked in strategic planning as a consultant. A specialist in corporate finance and a passionate marketer, Poseidon brings many skills to the team. He is also a real estate developer and a member of the American Marketing Association.


Community Manager

Hephaestus is our community manager. He has experience fostering collaborative communities both off and online.


Digital Manager

Cooldude manages and creates digital content for Polis. He is also an advisor to the Polis team.


Cryptocurrency Advisor

Tomflex is a founding member of the Polis community. He has collaborated with the Polis team from our earliest days.


Community Marketing Advisor

JackMa is our community marketing advisor who focuses on marketing initiatives and promotions.


Node API Manager

YoYae worked with the Polis Development team to create the Polis node API. He has experience creating APIs for Insight, Bitcored and Copay.


Tech Support Lead

Evolbyte leads our tech support team. He holds a Masters in Computer Science and is a former semi-pro gamer. Evolbyte has managed many chat servers and is always up for a good joke.