What the “HACK” happened…

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Last sunday at 11:00 PM and 100 blocks before migrating to the BSC network, SouthXchange funds were stolen from their wallet, using an exploit on the old Polis blockhain and migrated to the new chain.

Here’s the link to the transactions where the funds have been stolen from SouthXchange:


The list of adresses that belong to the hacker on Binance Smart Chain:


Here you can take a closer look on the spreadsheet:

We reacted fast to this situation, and were able to create a new smart contract that blacklists this coins, and return the coins to SouthXChange. Everyone’s funds are safe, and there is no evidence other coins from SouthXchange were exploited.

We think it has to do with our used proof of stake mechanism for our old Polis blockchain. This has confirmed to us that our decision to switch to the Binance Smart Chain was a smart move.

However, we need you to add the new POLIS token to your metamask wallet, using the following address:


New Polis token on bscscan.com:


Also delete the old POLIS token from your metamask wallet. This token will no longer be supported on exchanges, services, nor anything related to polis.

Old Polis token on bscscan.com:


All POLIS has already been distributed from the new contract to all POLIS owners.

Thanks everyone for reading. We are happy that we were able to react quickly and nothing major happened. Staking has been delayed by one day because of this situation. You can find more details on this topic at #🔍transparency.

Funds are SAFU.

The Polis Team.

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